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Yellow & Pink

In response to an artist’s work, The Red Book and Black I don’t wanna go to school.. I made this really fast sketchy book..

IMG_0930 IMG_0934

You thought happiness was expensive, but it wasn’t. It was free. IMG_0935

You thought happiness was complicated, but it wasn’t. It was simple. IMG_0936

You thought happiness came from outside of you, but it wasn’t. It was mostly from inside of you. IMG_0937

You thought loving was hard, but it wasn’t. It might just be a smile, giving your time and not being judgmental.


You thought love was receiving a lot, but it wasn’t. It was giving a lot. IMG_0939

You think, wait, stop thinking. Close your eyes. Use you heart and not much of your head. Feelthe air in your nose and your lungs. Listen to the song of the birds. Learn how simple happiness is. IMG_0940

Touch the rain, join it’s rhythm. Feel the sunset and appreciate the sun’s effort to impress you every now and then. IMG_0941

You thought love starts by loving others, but you’ll realize that it’s better off by loving yourself first, forgiving yourself, giving yourself room to feel happy and most of all giving room to grow.

Love= kasih sayang

Susan. 6th November, 2014.


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    August 28, 2015

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