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SSEAYP: Silent Killer

Keping pazel #2

This piece of writing is about silence. I am one silent person, i know that. In the ship I got nominated for “Silent Killer”, a nomination for the most silent person. And, Cham, a friend of mine in SG G also got nominated. But, neither I nor he won.

When I met June, she mentioned me as nominated for that award. She disagrees with that fact and for the second time saying, “You are not silent killer, you talk only when you need.” I guess this the reason why she chose me for Discussion Group representative of Group 3.

This is another story about silence. Sometimes, people choose to be silent because other people are already too loud.

I met a really silent girl and I don’t why I felt like talking to her. She wasn’t as silent as I though and she looked enjoying and getting really well with the conversation. She needs people to talk to her; she just doesn’t like to start the conversation.

So, if one time you meet a really silent person, try talk to him/her. She/he will really appreciate you. And probably her/his choice to be silent is because there are too many people in that condition that’s loud.


One comment on “SSEAYP: Silent Killer

  1. rahman
    March 20, 2013

    i tought that is the way you are. affirmative on it
    feel free to feel comfy

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