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280811 – Why Worry

I’ve always asked my mom, what she wants and what she was dreaming when she was in my age.. She said that she wanted to study.. At her time, things were hard. Education is completely expensive. She couldn’t study so her dreams were thrown away.. converted to needs. The need of getting a job, make her own money and stood on her own foot.

That’s exactly what I’m doing right now.. I’m studying. I’m on the place that she wanted. I’m also able to have a job of my own once I’ve graduated. The job is on my hands.. Waiting for me to take it or leave it.

But, what do I want in my age right now? My 22nd years? I want to catch my dreams.. Do what it is my passion. I want to have a carrier, not a job. Doing something I love not something I’m good at.

Now, i really feel that what i do now is not what i like. I complain all the time. I’m sick of myself. But, i haven’t given up! I’m so gonna finish my undergraduate degree! I’m so going to get a cum laude! I’m so gonna do it! Just watch me! (this is Susan trying to encourage herself.. She really is very lazy doing her internship report..)

Susan is taking this sickness so seriously because she stopped doing things she loves. She have forgotten how to sing loud and free. She forgot how to laugh. She forgot to play. So, don’t do the same. You should laugh everyday. You should do the things you love. Cherish every moment. Thank Him. Share happiness with people. That’s what life is supposed to mean.

Another thing I’m worried about is.. My future man. Haha.. I feel this is humiliating, but I still feel that this is completely normal. It becomes very hard when you keep it all by yourself. I feel worried because i haven’t found him, or he hasn’t found me.. yet.

God won’t make any mistakes. He will give me who I need. And the person i need will be the one who needs me. This is my faith. I believe so. I’ll prove it the way i’m raising my children.. Hehe..

Enough of writing. Enough of reading. Get a life out there!! Hold tight to what you deem important!! Don’t let anyone crush it! You’re you! Plain you! 🙂 Hey you! Smile to me!


2 comments on “280811 – Why Worry

  1. Thesa Nuansyah
    July 17, 2013

    “Doing something I love not something I’m good at” saya juga suka kalimat ini.
    Tapi saya tidak suka kalimat ini “Enough of writing. Enough of reading”

    • krisanti
      July 20, 2013

      harusnya ada terusannya, enough of writing, enough of reading, start doing what’s right from small things, from ourselves, and from now.

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