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Bandung Zoo

feather of a peacock

As a citizen of West Java, I’d like to tell the world of what we have. This little writing and very few photographs are my way of contributing to this province of mine. Hopefully, this small step may bring me to greater steps forward.

Bandung Zoo

Bandung Zoo is home to various animals native to Indonesia and from overseas. This zoo is located on a sloping park in Taman Sari Street. This zoo has many old trees that makes visitors feel the atmosphere of a tropical rainforest.

The Paths in Bandung Zoo

These are the animals that is exhibited:

Buaya Muara

When you enter the gate from the lower part of the zoo, this will be the first exhibit you see. These crocodile, known as Buaya Muara, are found in rivers of Indonesian forests.

Komodo at Bandung Zoo

The second exhibit you’ll see will be the komodo. You don’t have to go all the way to Komodo Island to see one, just go to this place. This native animal is a precious gift from nature to Indonesian people.

If you take a closer look at this picture, you’ll notice many peanuts. They are thrown by visitors. Some visitors are just not respectable to the animals. It’s probably a good idea if visitors are given a little education on how to respect animals and how our respect to nature means the nature’s respect to us.

Snake at Bandung Zoo

A large cage consists of reptiles is located in the middle of the snake house.

This the latest renovation of the snake cages. It is brought closer to the main entrance.

There are so many different birds in the aviaries. Many are very close to the visitors because there are some visitors feeding them with peanuts. Feeding the animals are actually restricted.

Eagle at Bandung Zoo

There are a few eagles in this zoo. Sadly, these beautiful birds are put in a small cage. This kind of bird needs a large room because in the wild, they travel far and have a long wing span.

Lutung at Bandung Zoo

Another exhibit is the monkey cages. This is a lutung. It’s a character in the folklore of Indonesians, Lutung Kasarung.

Orangutan at Bandung Zoo

The star of this zoo is the orangutan.

Rusa at Bandung Zoo

This deer is a also a member of the family in this zoo. The deer family is quite a successful animals to reproduce because of it’s adaptivity.

Lake at Bandung Zoo

A lake is a part of this zoo’s attraction. Visitors are free to enjoy themselves beside this lake.

Swan-boat Riding at Bandung Zoo

Visitors are welcome to try the swan boat riding with additional ticket payment on the ride.

A zoo is a great place to know animals, but the animals are way happier in the wild, in a conservative habitat. The fact that they are brought here in cages for us to see means that we have the responsibility to make them happy and healthy.


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