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ON GIVING by Russel Simmons

Russel Simmons – Record Producer, hip-hop mogul.

(Beautiful words taken from The Trump Card by Ivanka Trump – Bulletins from my blackberry)


I talk to a lot of people who are in a struggle, a lot of kids who don’t have a lot of faith, and I try to get them to realize that they already have everything they need. Everybody is given everything they need, all the time. We know that because it’s in every scripture. And the real truth is, when you’re comfortable with what you have, you attract other things. Think of the most successful people you know. They go to work, they said they need to work, but they really don’t need anything. That’s why thing like them. They attract success. It’s basic: when you go to work from a place of abundance and you operate from a place where you already have everything, you work harder and smarter because your mind is clear and your focus is strong.

So, I’m always telling young people to count their blessings. Start from a place of strength. Get up in the morning, and decide what you’re going to give. All that taking stuff is secondary. It’s giving. I mean, you’ve got to give to get, right? Good givers are great getters. That’s the reason you’re here. You need to become a great servant, first and foremost. Everything else will follow. And it’s not as if we have to change the way we are. Most of the young people I work with, they wake up in the morning, they want to be servants. It’s in us already. We want to give something back, put something out there. If you’re a record producer, you come across a hot record, you start to think, Wait till they hear this! You’re not thinking about the money you’ll make, although the money will come. You’re thinking wait until they hear this record! You’re excited. you want to share it. If it’s clothing, you’re thinking, Wait till they try on his shirt! It’s hot! Anything creative, it’s like that. Any service.

In business, we should always be looking to give something that brings lasting happiness. Something we believe in. you want to be proud of your product, proud of what you’re giving to customers. That’s what will, make your product or service stand out, because people can feel that. Your commitment to excellence, to strength, to purpose, it all shines through. That’s where you find your success.

Don’t trick the world, you feed the world.


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