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Self Respect – 27072010

Seems little, but is it useless?

A small bird, a hummingbird, is caring drops of water back and forth against a FOREST FIRE! Seemingly nothing – drops of water against a forest fire-. Other bigger animals wonder why this hummingbird is struggling for something that seems useless. The tiny hummingbird then said, “ I am doing the best I could.”

– Dirt the movie.

Even if it meant nothing. But I do know and I do believe with my heart and soul, my Lord knows how hard I struggle.

Do and Don’t

Don’t cancel doing something just because no one in the world is not doing it. Don’t do something just because everybody is doing it.

Do something because your heart tells you so.

Do something because you know that that’s what God will love.

Do something as your purpose being born in this world.

Even if the world turns against you, (it’s only the world). God is with you. And God is more than enough.

Searching for Happiness

What am I looking for in this world? Money? Happiness?

Not exactly. Happiness is a result. A result of satisfaction and thankfulness. Happiness will never be caught if you don’t feel thankful of what you have or what you’ve been through. When you are thankful, then whatever you have is satisfying and you will feel enough. That’s where happiness is.

There is never a thing not to be thankful of. It’s a great gift that you can read this writing. Just because you have it everyday, you take it for granted and forget to thank for it. Don’t go search for happiness. Because happiness is in you. It’s in how you feel thankful in every second of your precious moments.

“Syukuri apa yang ada. Hidup adalah anugerah. Tetap jalani hidup ini. Melakukan yang terbaik. Tuhan pasti kan menunjukkan, kebesaran dan kuasaNya pada hambaNya yang sabar dan tak kenal putus asa. Jangan Menyerah. Jangan Menyerah.” – d masiv


Don’t ever worry about other people. Whatever they are thinking and whatever they do after you are trying your best.

How you respect people is how you respect yourself. How you treat and care about other people is how you put respect on yourself.

So, respect yourself. You need yourself to respect yourself.

-Susan yang mencari kebahagiaan beberapa hari lalu kemudian hari ini bahagia tanpa tau mengapa. This is for anyone and for myself in the future, cause sometimes I get caught in the same situation. Jangan biarkan hal kecil atau hal yang sama menghalangimu (lagi) you’ll never get better if you keep falling and complaining! Grow up! It’s time to grow your character because your body is. And there is nothing you can do about it. You are aging and new-borns are everywhere to get examples from you. –


2 comments on “Self Respect – 27072010

  1. kandichan
    July 27, 2010

    “You are aging and newborns are everywhere to get examples from you.”

    I love the way you say it!
    Soalnya jadi bikin tersadar, kalo pilihan “menjadi dewasa” itu bukan hanya tentang diri kita sendiri, tapi ada tanggung jawab kita terhadap orang lain juga…kalo kita menolak jadi dewasa (dalam arti mengambil tanggung jawab atas nasib kita sendiri), ada adik-adik kecil di sekitar kita yang bakal mencontoh tingkah laku itu.

    Keren San 🙂

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