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Allah’s everyday gift for me – 040710

Best Friend

Finally I spent sometime again with my best friend. We are neighbours until now and had known each other since kindergarten. We went on the same kindergarten and elementary school. But at the end we separated because of scores. This is nothing nice. Separated because of scores. This is my bit of regretion. Is it me leaving her and is it she whose leaving me. Why are we different? We have been together for almost 7 years . Maybe our path were destined to be different. And I feel now that difference is okay. Maybe it’ll always be  a great story to share.

We were usually together and sometimes get to be compared. She was the friendly one, and my smile was expensive they say. I love you Aldilah Khairunnisa.

Dalam keadaan tak terelakkan kau akan…

I went to a reunion party, but it’s under my expectation. But it’s a pleasure to talk to someone I haven’t been friends with at the time, and I’m so glad I said thanks even thought I didn’t like it too much.

I was trapped in an ugly situation, it’s just ugly because i didn’t like it, but like it or not i have no other choice. All i can do was go through with this. So i am going through with this. But there is this option to go through this happilly or sadly. The sad option may lead to other sad thing, while the happy option can lead to other happy things.

Mario teguh:

hidup kita adalah apa yang kita kerjakan.

jangan posisikan diri pada flow rendah yang malas. karena sulit untuk membangkitkannya lagi. Go with something called spontanious. When your feeling goes down, quickly do something fun to upgrade yous spirit. manusia-manusia bersemangat tinggi itu bagus. Jadikanlah diri kita hadiah bagi orang lain.

Sebaik-baik manusia adalah manusia yang patuh kepada Tuhannya dan menjadikan dirinya hadiah bagi orang lain.


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