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Allah’s everyday gift for me – 280610


You are on your own. Alone. Even if you are following whatever other people is doing, you are still on your own. You are on your own in every decision that you choose. You are the one responsible for your own action. You are on your own.

But, you are not that lonely. In fact, you are not alone. There is somebody who had been with you all this time. Have been with before the moment you were born until after the day you die. He is always there. There to guide you. Guide you and trying to reach you all along. The only matter is that do you want to be reached or not. It’s your choice that you don’t want to be reached. But somewhere beneath, I know that there’s a tiny voice that’s screaming to get home. Getting home to it’s creator. Well, you know all the way that you did not create yourself.

Kaderisasi. Sebenarnya lebih tepat kusebut prosesi menuju regenerasi yang berupaya mendapatkan bibit yang baik. Menjadi pengkader bagiku membuatku banyak berpikir. Example is not the main thing to teach people, it’s the only thing. Teach what you do, don’t teach what you know.

This moment is a one month out of one year where I feel like I am the best that I can be. Tiba-tiba on time, tiba-tiba bijaksana, tiba-tiba mengeluarkan ceramah dan kata-kata mutiara. Semua serba tiba-tiba. Dan ketika berakhir, semua tiba-tiba kembali seperti semula. So where did all that I’ve said gone to? Trash can? What did you say? You are not even doing it yourself? Manakah idealism yang kau gembar gemborkan? Mana kekeluargaan yang kau keluhkan pada kami?

Mengapa menyuruh mencintai A tapi kau sendiri berselingkuh dengan B.


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