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Allah’s everyday gift for me – 270610

It’s good when you see good things on facebook rather than just faces. My friend’s status:

“The truth about girls; we act like we’re cold so you’ll hold us. Gossip isn’t a sin, it’s an art. The word “bitch” doesn’t mean much to us. When we say we’re fine, we’re usually not. Most of us fall in love way too easily. We’re never too old for sleepovers. All of us have a mean side, some of us just don’t show it. We’re confusing, and you’ll never have us completely figured out. Most of us like attention. We all like to hear we’re beautiful. No matter how many times we say we don’t care, we usually do. We’ll mess with your head. If we say that nothing’s wrong, something usually is. And just when you think you have us figured out, something will change and you’ll be all wrong.”

No matter what you do, somebody hates you. No matter how much you try, you can fail. No matter how much you love a person, they can leave you. No matter how hard we hold on, they let go. No matter what happens, it’ll all eventually become okay.

Just hold on. Hold on to the strongest rope.

Tali yang kuat.



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