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Allah’s everyday gift for me – 200610

Saya mendapat teman untuk ke Dago Walking Day lagi. Ada Sri, Septi dan Sherly.  Tapi mereka main badminton, jadi saya tetap sendirian bermain in line skate. Saya beli donat danus wisudanya anak G’09 dan agak sedikit membantu.

 I still feel that people like to stare at me. Mungkin an in like skating moslem girl is still a bit unusual. Ha… don’t really care. Suddenly a man with walking sticks asked me, “Sudah berapa lama main itu?”

“Dari SD”, kujawab. “Coba pengen liat kamu main.”

At the time a was standing to eat my doughnut. “Ga, saya ga jago.” And off he went, and suddenly bounced… ahahaa… aga aneh..

I saw him again, and asked what are the names of this thing he was using. “Skyrunner,” he said.

Well, it wasn’t a real walking stick! Egrang! Bukan deng. Jadi dia kaya kaki robot gitu. So I googled it. It’s other term is flyjumper, powerizer, bla.. bla.. So it’s used for jumping, bouncing, rolling in the air. Kayanya mahal. Hahaha..

Thank you Sri Suryani, Septi Maulidyah, Sherly Suryani, Arief Rahman Hakim. I’m very lucky to have you guys… Thanks for your company!


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