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Allah’s everyday gift for me – 170610

My body wasn’t too fit today. But happy feeling and happy friends are very helpful in forgetting the tiredness of my body. But I’m also happy because I’m tired because of struggling.

Tiba-tiba ada yang mengajak saya untuk donor darah, Aldi. Seems like a good idea. My health? I doubt for a while and thought it as I traveled to PMI in front of Sport Station in Jalan Aceh. I even considered the chance that I may get HIV if the staff there wasn’t professional. I asked my dad if I was allowed to do this. He allowed me and off I went. My will is now straight. I intent to do this as my charity and for doing something good for other people since I haven’t been to good on being a good or generous person.

I was checked. My health was checked and failed to be committed as a reasonable donor. My blood pressure was fine (usually it wasn’t) but my haemoglobin is below average. So I didn’t donor my blood. Huuh… And there was no Aldi.

I was trying to be an open person. Trying to have a good relationship to absolutely anyone, giving me a chance to know any kinds of people and letting any kinds of people fill a moment of my life. Today I went to Giant Hyperpoint with a neighbor, my mom’s friend. She asked my mother, but mum had something to do and asked me verily to come. I accepted it an went to this open workshop held by a Chinese Christians ( I think, cause there is this GBI thing, or Catholic, not really sure). This workshop includes ‘rajut’ knitting, ‘sulam pita’, sewing, cooking, and beauty class. It went for two hours and had two sessions, so if I wanted to move from one workshop to another, it’s completely allowed. I chosed to use my two hour time in glass painting class.  The teacher was very friendly and treated everyone equally. No racism at all. I made a rose and a butterfly in a glass cup. J a fun experience. Next week there will be no class on Thursday at 1 p.m., but ther will be a seminar on Menopause.


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