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Allah’s everyday gift for me – 130610

Supposed to wake up at 04.30 a.m., I woke up late. I prepared myself in a hurry and took a few spoons of breakfast. My mother said, “Don’t be too on time. You probably be disappointed when you figure out that your friend is not as commited to you as you are to them. Why be on time, when others aren’t? Just finish your breakfast and then go. It won’t take to long.”

What do you think? Is it really a national habit? A bad one? Don’t you think?

I was skating my way through the Dago Car Free Day from Cikapayang to Dayang Sumbi. It meant sweat bathing, but felt really fresh. Somehow while I’m skating I was dodging glances. Probably I’m a little weird. Dressed as muslimah and in line skating, is that abnormal? Or is it one rare thing? Or did I wake up too early? Or it’s because of my face? What? Or it’s because of nothing, just want to see something?  

Dago Walking Day or sometimes called Dago Car Free day is an every Sunday event where no machined vehicles like motorcycles or cars are allowed to pass through. This starts from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Today was special for me because I had to watch over my stand of information on my students’ association’s work about environmentally-sound house and my project of rubbish separation. I explained about this bamboo-materialed house to a few people and it felt good to share something you have to ones that don’t. I also visited other peoples’ stands. I visited my friend’s stand about vermecomposting. It wasn’t as hard as it sounds.

I was trying to communicate with new people and it meant trying to prove myself existence. New people are new experiences. It’s fun and I know that it’s one hard thing for me to remember a new friend’s name. But, when it sticks, it sticks pretty long.

Asking people to try your things, is one way of getting close to somebody I guess. I’m glad I have something to share.

Please hospitality! I’m not the kind of girl that says hello the first time. I don’t know why. So self centered and I realized that. Now, I‘ve got to change. A change is never easy but the results are very precious.

Somehow somewhat worried about my future match. I worry because there weren’t any sign of a completely matched guy for me. I guess I’m not the only one. Mungkin perempuan di usiaku akan mulai memikirkan tentang ini, bahwa seharusnya sudah punya ‘seseorang’ untuk menjadi calon. Or not? Ga tau deh.. Sometimes I worry, or it’s just me. My friend told me that I don’t have to search of a humoric guy. It’s there. Don’t have to search for one. I guess he’s right. Katanya, dan memang kebenarannya, ketika ruh ditiupkan ke dalam rahim ibu, ditentukan pula rezeki, jodoh, usia dan …. (aku lupa). Mmm.. ya seharusnya tak perlu khawatir. Semua telah digariskan. Pasti ada dan harus membuka diri akan kesempatan itu.

I spent sometime with brother, playing Bishi Bashi and Crash Team Racing. Guess its our quality time.

I also spent sometime with with mum. I wanted her to move her body (doing sports). We played badminton. I was so tired and couldn’t keep up. She was really good. Two thumbs up for her.

Impressed with someone in Kick Andy. Willingly to love Indonesia, when there’s a chance to be in comfort zone. Sad being remembered one national song. Self questioning, how Indonesia am I?

Gossip is no infinite truth. That’s what I learn in Mario Teguh Golden Ways. Kalau menemukan berita tak menyenangkan, tak lantas harus dipercaya dan langsung dianggap 100% benar. Check again!

Jodoh? Really… Look for the best inner beauty. Sempet nonton Take Celebrity Out juga. Ada cowok yang jadi 1 diantara sekian yang tak mematikan lampu untuk wanita single yang dianggap ‘berkomitmen’ ini. He was only 20 and so serious for a commitment. Kurasa ni anak dewasa sekali, padahal lebih muda dari aku. Wah baguslah.. Dan dia tetap pada pendiriannya menyukai wanita yang berkomitmen pula walau ternyata wanita yang ada dihadapannya lebih tua ( 27 ato 29 gitu, dan pernah pacaran 12 taun, tapi karena mungkin mantannya ga pegang komitmen kali ya –lupa lagi-). Si cowo 20 taun ini, kalo ga salah namanya Eza, bilang kalau dia percaya bahwa laki-laki memang diatas wanita –pemimpin bagi wanita maksudnya-, dan itu yang membuatnya tak peduli akan umur. Eza pun menjadi pria yang terakhir dengan lampu tetap menyala, tidak mematikan ataupun dimatikan. And off the couple went to the so called romantic room. But before that, Eza’s fans were screaming and Eza had to calm them down, and ended up looked more like fans meeting. Cool guy.


Watched a short scene from Just Alvin starring Luna Maya. She was strong for or because of the negative image that people put on her. She wanted to prove them that she wasn’t like what people judge. And I guess she did because she’s up to this point. I have no idea when this interviem tak place, but I guess it’s before the famous video came to surface.

 I want to struggle again. I want my Lord to know that I am struggling. Hope He sees it and I know that he sees everything, including my deepest feeling. I have to be careful for each intentions that I have n my heart before, when, and after I do something.

In weakness, you’ll find your true friend.


One comment on “Allah’s everyday gift for me – 130610

  1. camera
    June 20, 2010

    i belief that Allah always give us anything…

    makasih sharenya…

    salam hangat…

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