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Allah’s everyday gift for me – 140610

Can you believe it? I woke up at 10 a.m. Just like my primary school teacher, Christine Charuckyj, had said to me, “Susan, 10 o’clock is very late for you!”.

Yes indeed, I feel it’s late. Feels my day is short.

Yesterday I sweat too much. The morning was spent skating and the afternoon was spent playing badminton. But, I feel much healthier that way.

I watch 17 again until midnight last night with my brother. He caught a better message than I did thru this movie. There’s this scene where the dad which was physically 17 again played in a basketball game and was worried about his 17 year old daughter being in love with a bad guy in the same school, worried about his son who was a shy boy, and worried about his wife that was going to divorce him. All of those thoughts fill his mind. That’s the point were he had to concentrate on so many things and also the basketball game. My brother said, “This man is on a hard situation. He has so many responsibilities and can’t let any of his responsibility being not done seriously.”

Practical intelligence: Knowing what to say to whom, knowing when to say it, and knowing how to say it for maximum effect.


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