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Allah’s everyday gift for me – 110610

Duh, aku kurang mengajak orang lain. Kurang komunikasi. Mungkin aku kurang peka. Tapi kadang juga aku merasa sendiri. Jadi ya udah.

They call me optimistic. They think I have a good spirit. I am very happy today. I guess I choosed to be a happy person today.

Haha.. Andreas Cornelis Marbun sabar banget.  Membantuku menaikkan dan memindahkan motor, akan mendesainkan aku tas dan akan membantu mengelola hasil desain stiker pengingat orang-orang. Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu Andure-kun!

Septi juga mendesainkan tas eco bag dengan gambar animenya dan konsep filosofis yang mendalam.

I doubt my duty as a best friend. I’m in the middle of two people. I’m not on anyone’s side. I just want them both happy. I love you Atya Zahra. I guess the best way to finish a problem is by talking through it, because things start to be understandable when someone is opening the gate to be understood and the other is willing to understand. Communicating is important.

The words that Wiseman said were right. People see through your eyes, your body, your kind of attention, your language and your spirit. If you open up, people will come in.


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