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Allah’s everyday gift for me – 080610

I felt of losing hope. I lose something. Something is ending. My happiness is gonna end. Why is there a start of this happiness? It starts, and so it will end. That’s mortallity. That’s life, and everything inside it. This reminds me of a movie with the quote, “Every beginning has an end, and at every ending, there’s a new beginning.”

I saw a white people made a statement of a religion conversion in Salman. Sometimes I feel a little jealous of this kind of person, for they are willing to make one very big decision that changes their life forever and almost at every aspect of their life! Very brave! Dan saya tahu bahwa seorang yang mengambil langkah sebesar ini, must know what is really he’s taking. Every single consequence and effect.

I believe one thing. Sabar ada hadiahnya.

Sometimes people hide their feelings. They kept it in and show something completely different in the surface. As we grow older, we get better in lying.  Thinking that lying is better. Is it really like that?


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