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Short Story “What do you want to receive after you give?”

What do you want to receive after you give?

I wonder what’s wrong with me. I don’t know why I want my best friend to appreciate my gift by showing his happiness when I gave him a birthday present. The present I made gave him was handmade (of course I’m the one who made it) and took a lot of time to make it. But, what I hoped was far from the reality. He wasn’t too happy by my giving. Realizing this, I spontaneously cried. I worked hard for him but he wasn’t pleased. I thought for a moment and I came to a conclusion that I wise person asks nothing in return. Not even asking any ‘thank you’. So, ii felt guilty for hoping some appreciation from him.

Days later, God showed me a completely different story. An afternoon just before dawn is the time for birds to steal crops from rice fields. My house is near a rice field managed by the not haves, but owned by the rich and soon its going to be a part of a real estate. I really want something different thing to do at the time rather than getting back to my usual business working with paper, computer, books and drawings. I escaped to a chore done by farmers, which was keeping the birds away.

The farmers used special traditional method to keep birds out. They hung a can containing stones in a pole at a corner. At each corner, there is the hung can. Each can are attached to a string and connected to a different kind of pole. This pole is located in the place where farmers look out for birds. The field was large, so there was around seven watching point at the field. So when a watcher sees a flock of hungry birds, just by shaking the rope connected to the nearest can to the birds, the birds will fly away. That was what I did. Watch over birds on one of the empty watch point.

There, an old woman in ragged clothes approached me. She started talking to me in Sundanese (a native West Javanese language). She was very friendly even though I couldn’t really communicate with her because I don’t completely master the language. Suddenly the rain poured, the old lady commanded me to go home. But she offered me her hat if I wished to stay longer. I decided to go home.

At home, I told my mom what I had been through and that I had been accompanied by a friendly elderly lady. I didn’t really want to leave the field so I went back to the field using an umbrella. My mom asked me to bring some food with her. She might be hungry or thirsty. My mom put some traditional sweets and cakes in a black plastic bag. My mom told me that elderly woman loves sweets.

I came back to the field. In disbelieve the elderly woman said, “You came back! It’s nearly dawn. The birds will not come to steal crops any longer. You should go home. No more to do around here.”

“This is for you,” I said to her giving her the plastic bag.

Then something I’d never thought of happened. She put her head down and started to cry. Tears soon on her cheeks, “Thank you beautiful girl!”

She patted my shoulder and gave me prayers, “Let the Lord give you beauty, happiness, wealth, a long life, and succeed in college. Thank you so much. You came all the way here to give me this? Thank you so much. It’s getting dark. You should go home.”

She was still crying when I left her. I walked home realizing that the lady didn’t even open the plastic bag. She just received it then thanked deeply to me, cried in front of me and prayed for me. I felt like I had done something very worthy. What I did was only giving her a plastic bag of food and she poured me loads of prayers. Gee, it was like the most beautiful words in the world. It was really heart touching. I gave one small thing but received one way bigger thing in return.

My sacrifice to my friend meant nothing, but my little giving meant a lot for the elderly lady. Anything I receive after giving to someone feels big when I ask nothing in return. Everything feels like a gift when you want nothing. Every small thing given to the not haves means a lot, while to the haves still means little. Every big thing given to the not haves may meant the world to them.

Susan H. Krisanti, 19


2 comments on “Short Story “What do you want to receive after you give?”

  1. elsa
    April 8, 2010

    Like this!!
    Hehe, maaf ya kak jadi numpang baca-baca…^^

    • susan
      April 23, 2010

      gapapa,,, the aim is to share…

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